How To Add Dark Mode To WordPress Dashbord

If you use any type of screen at night such as a Sat Nav for example, it will usually have some sort of dark mode feature.  This is because bright lights from screens cause eye strain if you are working in lower light conditions.  For this reason it is a good idea to add a dark mode feature to your WordPress dashboard.

In this post I will look at how this can be done and why you should consider adding this to WordPress.

What Is Dark Mode?

Dark mode is when you switch your screen from a bright, white background to a dark grey or black background.  By reducing the brightness of the light from your screen you will reduce eye strain and make working at night a much better and healthier experience.

Many popular websites and apps offer this type of feature but WordPress doesn’t offer this in standard form.  It will allow you to change the colour scheme but not reduce the light from the screen.

There are ways to overcome this problem though, and it is a very simple solution.

How To Add Dark Mode

As a WordPress user you will probably find yourself working late at night on occasions to get a vital piece of content finished.  Trying to see the screen properly can be difficult in low light as mentioned earlier in this post. This is a problem, especially for long periods of time.

The good news is, it is very quick and easy to add dark mode to your WordPress dashboard.

This is done by using a free plugin (free is always good!)

To add the plugin go to the PLUGINS section on your dashboard then ADD NEW.

Once you are in to your plugin area type DARK MODE into the search box.  This will bring up all the related plugins for this keyword.  

The first plugin that should come up is the one titled DARK MODE.  This is the plugin we will be using.  

Add the plugin the usual way by clicking INSTALL and once the plugin is installed click ACTIVATE.

Now you will find the plugin in your installed plugin area.

To enable the plugin, go to USERS and YOUR PROFILE.  Here you will have an option to ENABLE DARK MODE.

Check the box to enable the plugin and SAVE your changes so it will be activated on your WordPress dashboard.

Now you have added Dark Mode to your website.  I hope this has helped you with your WordPress experience and add to your productivity when working at night.

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