How To Compress Images In WordPress

Images on your website can really slow it down. In this post I will show you how to compress images in WordPress and speed up your website.

Having lot’s of great images on your website might look amazing to your visitors but if these images are large they can make your site very slow to load and ruin the overall experience.

This can have a massive effect on your traffic numbers and the ranking of your website.

So how do you get the balance of having lot’s of images but keeping your site running fast and smooth for your audience?

The answer is image compression.

Now you might think that sounds difficult but it is a lot easier than you think.

What Is Image Compression?

Image compression is where you make the images on your website smaller but you still need to keep the quality.  

Smaller images load faster and take up less space on the server which is of great benefit to the way your site runs.

Luckily it is possible to compress and optimize your images without any loss of quality.

The even better news is that you can do this for FREE!

What You Need To Compress Images

All you need for all your image compression and optimization needs is a plugin.

The plugin that I use is Smush Image Compression.  

This is a very popular plugin and is 100% FREE so you really have no reason not to love it.  First of all you need to install the plugin.

To do this you can navigate from your WordPress dashboard to – 

Plugins > Add New

In the search box type Smush.

The first plugin on the list should be Smush and it will look like the image above.

Click on Install > Activate

Alternatively you can download the plugin here and install and activate from there.

Once you have activated the plugin you can start compressing and optimizing your images.

How To Compress Images

Now you have installed and activated the Smush plugin you will see Smush on your dashboard menu.

It is also in your Installed plugins section.

You need to click on this to begin optimizing your images.

Once you are on your Smush dashboard you can start setting up the plugin.

When you first use Smush you will get a quick set up pop up with some check boxes to choose your set up options and what you choose will depend on which options you require for your particular site.

After you have made your selections or taken the option to skip this, you will then be in your Smush dashboard.

From your Smush dashboard you will get the option to Bulk Smush your images.  This will compress and optimize all the images currently on your site.

You can also set the plugin to Smush all images when you upload them.

The image above shows the Smush dashboard before you start to Bulk Smush your images.  Once you have compressed and optimized your images with the Bulk Smush feature you will then be able to see the savings made compared to before.

How Much Memory Will It Save?

In the image below you can see how much memory was saved by compressing and optimizing the images on this website at the time of writing this post.

As you can see 832.2kb was saved from 264 images freeing up valuable server space and helping the site run faster.

There is a Pro version of this plugin which gives more savings but the free version should be enough for most users.

I use the free version and it works great.

I hope this post has solved any issues you may have had with bulky images slowing down your website.

Check out the Resources page to see the products and services I use and recommend for WordPress websites.