3 Free Ways To Create Blog Images For WordPress

Knowing how to create blog images can make a massive difference to your website.  In this post I will show you 3 ways to create blog images for free.

Before I get started on the free ways to create blog images I will first go through why you need images for your blog and how to use them.

Why You Need Images For Your Blog

Images are very important when it comes to blogging and the images you create can be used in lot’s of different ways to improve the way your website looks and to help drive traffic and optimize it.

It is always useful to add a featured image to the posts on your website.  If you check out all the posts on this site you will see they all have a featured image.

These images can be used to keep a uniformity to your posts and create branding so they are instantly recognizable to your followers.

They can also be used to make each post look a bit more interesting to the reader and enhance the written content.

As well as images within your posts, you can also use them to promote your content through social media channels.

Having great images will make your social media content more clickable and drive more traffic to your site.

So how do we create these images and how can we do it for free?

Let’s take a look at my 3 favourite ways to create free images for a blog.


Stencil is a great online graphics resource that I create most of my images and graphics with.

It is also available for free although there are paid versions of it that give extra features.  These extra features aren’t essential though and the free version will be enough for most users.

With Stencil you can create images in various sizes to suit your requirements.  There are pre-set sizes for different social networks as well as the option to create your own custom sizing.

This excellent tool offers over 2 million royalty free images to use as well as over 1 million icons and a good choice of templates.

The free version gives you the option to create up to 10 images per month.  If you require more there are two paid options which allow you to create 50 or unlimited images per month.

I started out using the free version but later upgraded to a paid version when I needed more than the 10 free images per month.  The paid version also gives more image, icon and template options so it is personal choice if it is worth the extra investment to you.

I find this graphic editing tool the easiest to use and anyone can quickly and easily create professional looking images.

Take a closer look at Stencil here.


Snappa is very similar to Stencil and is also very easy to use with numerous options to create different types of images and graphics.

With social media templates and custom sizing you will be able to create the exact image you require.

A free version of this graphic editor is available with over 500000 images, 70000 graphics and over 200 fonts.  

Again, like Stencil there is a paid version offering unlimited downloads.   The free version only allows 5 downloads per month.

Snappa is fairly simple to use but I find it isn’t quite as user friendly as Stencil.

This tends to be my second choice after Stencil.

Take a look at Snappa here.


Canva is another image editing tool that can be a useful free resource when creating images for your blog.

This tool has lots of stock images to choose from and many template options.

I find Canva especially good for creating infographics and can be used to further enhance your image editing options.

Some of the images and graphics in Canva are premium options and have a small charge for each one.  They are usually around $1 each. There are plenty of free options to choose from though.

The template options are especially good in Canva making it easy to create posters, flyers, cards as well as social media and blog images.

This makes Canva a good all round image editing tool if you need to create other image types and not just blog images.

You can find out more about Canva here.


All three of these image editing tools are very useful additions to your blogging toolbox and I have used all of them over recent years.

It is probably worth trying all of them as each of them have subtle differences that may or may not be to your taste.

By using all of them you have more free images at your disposal each month with 10 on Stencil, 5 on Snappa and then the free options on Canva.

There should be enough free images available here for most users.

As I said earlier I have a paid subscription to Stencil as I find this is my favourite and my image requirements have increased over the years.

Once you have tried them all, you may find you prefer one in particular and then a subscription might worth your investment.

If you use enough images they are all reasonably priced and can be worth the money.  This all depends on your personal usage though.

Being able to create images and graphics for free can make a huge difference to your blog if you are on a tight budget.

I hope you will take a look at these three image editors and create some amazing images for your blog.

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