Set Up Your Home Page & Post Page In WordPress

When you first install WordPress and start to build your site, the default settings usually need to be changed for your home page and post page.

In this tutorial I will show you how to easily change your settings so you can choose which page is your home page and which is your post page in WordPress.

You can view a video of this tutorial here.

Or keep reading if you prefer the written version.

Where To Start

It is very easy to change these settings and you won’t need a plugin or any coding knowledge to do it. 

Before you start changing the settings for your home page and post page in WordPress you first need to create the pages (if you don’t already have them on your site).

To do this from your WordPress dashboard go to – PAGES – ADD NEW

Here you can add the title of the page and any content.  Now you can publish the page.

Once the page is published you can move on to setting up your home page and post page for your site.

Setting Your Pages

To set up your Home page and Post page in WordPress you need to navigate from your dashboard to –


Here you will see a page titled READING SETTINGS.

Where it says YOUR HOMEPAGE DISPLAYS it will be set by default to YOUR LATEST POSTS.

This setting now needs to be changed to A STATIC PAGE by clicking the check box.

After this check box is clicked, drop down boxes appear next to HOMEPAGE and POSTS PAGE.  Here you can select the page that you require for each option.

All the pages on your website will appear in these drop down boxes so just select the relevant page.

e.g – HOME or BLOG.

After selecting your pages you now need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click – SAVE CHANGES

All blog posts will be sent to the chosen page – (the BLOG page in this example).  The Home page will now be a static page.

I hope you have found this tutorial helpful.

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