How Much Does It Cost To Build A WordPress Website?

How much does it cost to build a WordPress website is a question I often get asked. The problem with this question is that there isn’t a definitive answer.

There are so many variables to take in to consideration and the cost depends on your individual requirements and circumstances.

In this post I will break down the different costs involved to give you a better chance to work out how much it will cost YOU to build a WordPress website.

How To Get A WordPress Website

Once you have decided that you need a WordPress website you can then start to look at how you are going to get one.

The decision you make will probably depend on your own personal circumstances and financial budget.

If money is not an issue and your knowledge of WordPress is low, you may want to have a site built by a professional WordPress web developer. This can be an expensive option but can give you fast and high quality results.

A good web developer will be able to interpret your ideas and create your website to your exact requirements in a much quicker time frame than you could if you needed to learn WordPress and create your own.

If time is money, it can be financially beneficial to have a professional web developer create your site.

If you don’t have a budget to pay for a web developer you might want to build your own.

This can be daunting for someone who is new to WordPress but can be extremely satisfying to learn and acquire this new skill.

Having this knowledge can also save you lots of money going forward as you will be able to maintain and add content to your site without the need to pay a developer.

Cost Of A WordPress Website

The WordPress platform is free but there are still costs involved if you want a self hosted WordPress site.

The cost of having a WordPress site built by a web developer can vary depending on the developer you choose and your website requirements.

Prices can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

It is much cheaper to build your own.

If you have a site built or are building your own website there are a few things that you will need.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is required for your WordPress website.

There are many options available when you are looking to purchase web hosting. Fast and reliable web hosting is essential if your website is going to be successful.

For this reason you need to make sure you choose the right option for your website and not just the cheapest.

For detailed information on how to choose web hosting for your site check out the blog post – How To Choose Hosting For Your WordPress Site.

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Web hosting can cost a few dollars per month up to several hundred dollars. Most small to medium sized websites will be fine at the lower end of these figures though.

Domain Name

Another cost for your website is a domain name. This is the address of your site so careful consideration should be taken on the name you choose.

The name should give a clue to what your website is about or if it is a business website then you can use your business name if available.

Again, like web hosting there are many different domain registrars to choose from. Domain prices usually start at around $12 per year.

Discounts are sometimes given if you buy your domain for multiple years up front. I usually buy my domains for two years at a time.

Premium domain names can command huge prices but a standard domain will be all you need in most cases.

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As well as web hosting and a domain name, you will need a WordPress theme. When choosing a theme you have the option of a free or premium theme.

This is another area where spending a small amount of money can give huge benefits. A free theme may seem tempting, especially if you are on a low budget but you need to weigh up the pros and cons of each option.

Premium themes usually offer more customization features, faster load speeds and better support.

Having said that, there are some great free themes available and you might find that one of these has all the options you need. If this is the case then that’s great but don’t just choose any theme because it is free.

Some premium themes have free versions that you can try out and see if they are suitable. You can then decide if you need the extra features that the premium version offers.

The theme I use is GeneratePress. This has a free and premium version. It is well worth the small investment though as the premium options available will allow you to get your site looking great.

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The theme is an important decision so choose carefully and make sure you get the most suitable theme for your website for the budget you have.

A good premium theme will usually cost between $30 – $80.


There are lots of plugins available and your WordPress website will need some of them. Many of these plugins are free but some are premium plugins that may have a small cost.

Usually plugins will have a free version with options that you can pay extra for if required. This allows you to try different plugins to make sure they are suitable and decide if you need any premium options before you invest any money.

This is an area that you can save money by trying out different plugins and finding free or low cost options that will give you the required result.

Premium plugins can vary in price depending on what the plugin does so it is difficult to accurately quote the cost involved.

The prices can be anything from a few dollars to a few hundred, but usually you will be able to find a free plugin that has all the features you need.


As you can see from this post there are many variables when it comes to working out the cost of a WordPress website.

Hopefully you will now have a better idea of the costs for each area of a WordPress website and be able to accurately work out an approximate figure tailored to your exact requirements.

Spending money in the right areas and knowing where you can save some cash will help with the success of your site and keep costs down.

Remember to check out the discounts on the hosting and theme I use and recommend.

I hope you have found this post useful and you are now ready to get started on your WordPress journey.

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