How To Choose Hosting For Your WordPress Site

Finding the right web hosting company for your WordPress site can be a real headache… especially if you are new to the World of WordPress. 

In this post I will advise you on the web hosting companies I use and recommend and what to look for in your search.

Questions To Answer Before You Start

When you are searching for a hosting company for your website you need to ask yourself a few questions.  By answering these questions you will be able to build a list of requirements and narrow down your search for the perfect host.

1. How Much Traffic Will You Get?

The amount of traffic to your website will determine the type of web hosting you require.  If you are just starting out you may not get much traffic to start with and one of the cheaper web hosting options might be tempting.  You need to work out the amount of traffic you will receive in the future and how quickly the traffic might rise.

If you are running a small blog aimed at a niche audience you might not expect huge amounts of traffic, but if your website has the potential to grow and gain huge traffic numbers you need to make sure your web hosting package is scalable and able to cope with the growth of your website.

 2. How Much Support Do You Need?

How much support you need will depend on your knowledge of WordPress and web design.  As a beginner you may need more support and the quality of the support offered by your chosen web host could be vital to the success of your WordPress project.

Read reviews and take notice to what these reviews say about the support offered by each company as it can vary quite a lot.  Some web hosts will respond to a query very quickly, while others might take days which can have a dramatic effect on your website if you encounter a serious problem.

3. What Is Your Budget?

Choosing a budget and sticking to it is very important to your business and it can also limit your choices when it comes to web hosting.  Spending more money doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting the best hosting for your site though.

Always look for a web host that ticks all your requirements and then look at the packages they offer.  You might get everything you need for less than you think, so never pay more for stuff you don’t need.

Once you have answered these questions you can start looking at what each company offers. 

Let’s take a look at the main things to look for from a hosting company.

What To Look For In A Web Host

There are thousands of web hosts out there all trying to get your custom.  But what do you really need from your web host?  Keep reading to find out what to look for in your web hosting search.

1. What Do You Get For Your Money?

When comparing web hosts always check the features each host gives you.  These features can vary greatly between companies. 

Some of the things to look out for are –

  • The amount of websites can you have on each plan
  • How many databases
  • Amount of storage that is included
  • Do you get a free SSL certificate

2. Speed And Performance

Always check the speed and performance figures for each web host and plan.  Make sure your web hosting package has the required resources to cope with the demands of your website.

As part of these checks always find out where the server locations are.  Server location can have an effect on the performance of your website and possibly the SEO ranking.  Some web hosts will give you a choice of server location.  If they do, always choose one that is in your own country if your domain is targeted to a specific country such as or a location where the majority of your traffic comes from if you have a .com domain.

Up time is also important, although most web hosts will guarantee 99.9% up time it is still worth checking.

3. Support

As I mentioned earlier, the quality of support is very important.  You need a host that will get any problems sorted quickly and efficiently.

If possible, speak to people you know about the web host they use and read lots of reviews as these will give an indication of the quality and speed of the support offered.

4. Any  Other Products And Services Included

Have a look at any other products and services offered by each web hosting company.  Some of the things they might offer are – 

  • Back up and recovery services
  • Free domain name
  • SSL certificate included
  • Website migration for free
  • Money back guarantee

Getting extra products and services included can save you time and money and make a real difference to your web hosting experience.

What Type Of Hosting Is Best For Your Site

For this post I am going to talk about four types of web hosting available to you and who they are suitable for. 

Which one you choose will depend on the type of website you have and the resources required to keep it running smoothly.

Let’s take a look at the four types of hosting for you to choose from.

1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the cheapest option available and is suitable for small websites that don’t get a huge amount of traffic. 

On a shared hosting package your website will be hosted on a server with other websites all sharing the same resources.

Sharing resources is fine when your website is small with low traffic as you don’t need as much server space, but if any of the other websites on the server get too big then it could slow down or even crash the server and cause problems for the other sites. 

A good web host will usually move websites to an upgraded package if they start to get too big so avoiding the problem of overloading the server.

If you start on this sort of plan, make sure you can easily upgrade if your website starts to outgrow the server space allocated.

2. Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is similar to shared hosting but the web host will manage all the technical stuff such as WordPress updates, back ups, security fixes etc.

This is a good choice for non-technical website owners who just want to concentrate of their blog content and not worry about keeping WordPress updated and secure.

The web host will keep everything safe and secure and fully optimized for your peace of mind.

3. Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual Private Server hosting (VPS Hosting) is where you aren’t given a full server to yourself but given as much as your website needs with the server partitioned accordingly.

With VPS hosting you are given root access, allowing you to modify the performance of the package as required.  You will need a bit of technical knowledge with this sort of hosting so it is not recommended for beginners.

The advantage of VPS hosting is that the server will not get overloaded and slow down, so your website should keep running well.

4. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is where you get a whole server dedicated to your website.  This gives unbeatable performance as you have the full memory, disk space and processing power all to yourself.

This comes at a cost though and dedicated hosting is only recommended for very large, high traffic websites due to the very expensive prices.

What Hosting Do I Recommend

For the Explorewp website I use A2 Hosting and they are highly recommended.  The reason I chose A2 Hosting for this blog is down to the features included with each package, the value for money and the great support offered.

A2 hosting are low to mid range in their pricing but offer a lot for the money including excellent speeds and a free SSL certificate with all websites.

If you are looking for a quality web host at a great price, they are well worth a look.

You can check out their latest offers here.

If you are on a very tight budget and only need to run one website then you might want to consider starting out with 1&1 Ionos hosting. 

They have a very low starting price for the first year and are well established.  I used them when I first started and still have some of my demo sites with them.

One downside to 1&1 Ionos is they only give one free SSL per package so if you are signing up to a package for multiple websites you have to purchase SSL certificates for the others.

If you have or are thinking of having more than one website I would suggest going with A2 hosting.

You can see the deals from 1&1 Ionos here.

If you are on a higher budget and would like your WordPress site fully managed you could look at the services offered by WPEngine

The packages don’t come cheap so if you have a small website or are just starting out they might not be for you.  They are worth a look if you require a lot of support and have enough of a budget to cover the costs.

Have a look at the services offered and costs involved from WPEngine here.


There are other types of hosting available such as cloud hosting but the four I have mentioned are probably the best choices for most WordPress users. 

The recommendations made in this post are my own thoughts based on my experience as a web designer and WordPress user and I would advise you to take a look at the packages and prices offered as part of your web hosting search as I feel they are very competitive.

I hope you found this post helpful and you can find details of other products and services I use for this blog on the Resources page.

Good luck with your WordPress journey.  

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