Modula Gallery Plugin Review

When you need a gallery plugin for your WordPress website there are literally thousands of choices out there. 

Which should you use? What features do they have?

Trying them all out is an impossible task, so how do you narrow down your search?

Well, keep reading as I may be able save you time searching for the best gallery plugin for WordPress.

Let me introduce you to the Modula Gallery Plugin.

What Is Modula?

Modula is a WordPress photo gallery plugin that allows you to insert beautiful photo galleries into your posts or pages.

Images are essential when you are building websites that stand out from the crowd and this plugin offers you the chance to add custom photo galleries that will allow your visitors to interact with your site and improve user engagement.

With free and premium versions this plugin offers something for everyone and the user-friendly interface allows beginners to create professional looking galleries in minutes.

Modula Features

The Modula plugin has some amazing features to help you create unique photo galleries in your WordPress site.

Some of the features of this gallery plugin are:

These are just some of the features of this plugin. Let’s take a look at them in more detail

Custom Grids

The custom grid feature makes this plugin stand out from other gallery plugins that are available. It allows you to position and resize the images as required rather than have a standard grid layout that other gallery plugins offer.

You have total control of the layout so every gallery you create can look totally unique and make your images really stand out.

The size and position of each image can be made exactly to your requirements including the border spacing between each image or have no spacing at all.

All these are very easy to implement and galleries can be set up in minutes.

Below is an example of a custom grid layout with the Lens hover effect.

12 Hover Effects

12 hover effects are available so you have the ability to make your image galleries engage your visitors differently in each project you build.

These stunning hover effects will make your website look superb and delight your website visitors. A title, description and social icons can be added and are cross-browser compatible, they also work on mobile devices.

Video and Speed Up Extensions

The Modula Video extension allows you to easily add videos to your galleries. These videos can be self hosted or from external sources such as Youtube and Vimeo.

As well as the video extension there is also a Speed Up extension that automatically optimizes your images to help them load as quickly as possible and prevent your website being slowed down by heavy media content.

These extensions are included with all the Pro versions of the plugin.

6 Different Lightbox Styles

6 different lightbox styles are available that can be integrated with your gallery. This can be easily set up in the settings area.

In the Lightbox section you can choose from Magnific Popup, PrettyPhoto, FancyBox, SwipeBox, LightBox and LightGallery.

The settings dashboard can be seen in the image below.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing is another useful feature that allows your website visitors to share your images via social media. This allows you to add icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus to each of the images in your gallery.

These icons can be added when using the Comodo, Seemo, Appear, Lens, Kira, Curtain, Cantinelle, Quiet, Hide or Pufrobo hover effects.

This feature can be seen in the gallery below which is using the Comodo hover effect.

Image Shuffle

Another cool feature of the Modula Gallery Plugin is the Image Shuffle. This changes the position of the images in your gallery every time the page loads which means your website visitors will always see a new version of your gallery each time they visit.

This helps keep your website looking fresh and different for your visitors even when you haven’t added new content.

Do You Need The Pro Version?

So we have looked at some the main features of the Modula plugin, but do you need the Pro version or will the free version be enough?

The answer to this question really depends on your own personal requirements and how many of the features you need.

Personally I think the extra features are worth the small investment especially if you are planning on using the plugin on a regular basis.

There are three paid versions of the plugin. Each version has all the same features but the only difference is the amount of sites that the plugin can be used on.

The different options and the amount of sites they can be used on are:

  • Basic – 1 Site
  • Duo – 2 Sites
  • Business – Unlimited Sites

The free version doesn’t have the video, speed up and filters options and only has 1 hover effect, lightbox style and loading effect.

The paid versions give much more options to create custom galleries that will make your website look stunning and professional.

You can see the latest prices of the Modula Gallery Plugin here.


After spending some time with the Modula Gallery Plugin I have found it user-friendly and very straightforward to get started creating amazing galleries.

The menus and settings are easy to understand and the options available in the paid version of this plugin make it a must have for anyone wanting impressive galleries on their website.

This plugin sets the benchmark and is definitely my go to gallery plugin for WordPress.

If you want to see more details about this plugin you can visit the Modula website here.

You can check out all the resources I use for my WordPress websites here.

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